White Cloud Peaks List

White Cloud Peaks

This is a list of the peaks located within the White Clouds. Many are officially named, others with widely accepted unofficial names, and many with placeholder nicknames based on nearby geographic features. The White Clouds are my favorite mountain range and a bit of an obsession for me. In 2015, I completed a long time goal of climbing each for the 50 peaks in the White Clouds that were 10,000' elevation or higher. Then in 2018, I completed my 38th and final peak in the White Clouds Wilderness Area. In time, I hope to summit all of the peaks in the entire range.

RankPeakElevationLat / LonDate Climbed
1CASTLE PEAK11815'44.0398°N / 114.5868°W7/3/10
2CALKINS PEAK11487'44.1196°N / 114.6201°W8/6/07
3DAVID O LEE PEAK11342'44.1027°N / 114.6284°W8/6/07
4LONESOME PEAK11302'44.0753°N / 114.6121°W8/29/07
5Peak 1127211272'44.0911°N / 114.6093°W6/28/15
6WCP-911263'44.1115°N / 114.6262°W8/6/07
7CHINESE WALL11238'44.1272°N / 114.6187°W10/19/12
8Cardiac Peak11202'44.0851°N / 114.5758°W8/13/10
9WCP-1011102'44.1176°N / 114.6098°W8/22/08
10MERRIAM PEAK10920'44.0522°N / 114.5808°W8/16/10
11PATTERSON PEAK10872'44.0486°N / 114.6188°W8/8/05
12Mount Frank10857'44.0585°N / 114.6024°W6/28/13
13Gunsight Point10817'44.1313°N / 114.5998°W8/22/08
14WCP-710777'44.1227°N / 114.6535°W8/17/09
15Livingston Point10734'44.1271°N / 114.5865°W9/1/22
16Pats Peak10718'44.0859°N / 114.5894°W6/28/15
17FOURTH OF JULY PEAK10713'44.0301°N / 114.6361°W10/14/06
18Mittel Germania Peak10705'43.9543°N / 114.5739°W9/1/14
19Alta Peak10621'43.9425°N / 114.5961°W9/9/12
20WCP-510597'44.1356°N / 114.6582°W8/16/09
21WCP-310588'44.1563°N / 114.6605°W7/28/06
22WCP-810557'44.1052°N / 114.6471°W8/17/09
23WASHINGTON PEAK10519'44.0083°N / 114.6727°W10/14/06
24Ebony Peak10514'44.0176°N / 114.6541°W10/14/06
25West Germania Peak10488'43.9495°N / 114.6384°W9/28/08
26WATSON PEAK10453'44.1311°N / 114.6855°W6/27/15
27WCP-410450'44.1389°N / 114.6778°W8/5/07
28Ivory Peak10408'44.0192°N / 114.6421°W10/14/06
29Lopez Peak10405'43.9797°N / 114.5328°W9/1/14
30West Chamberlain Peak10405'44.0195°N / 114.6061°W8/24/13
31Simpson Peak10378'43.9349°N / 114.6251°W9/28/08
32Mount Anonymous10356'43.9371°N / 114.6058°W9/9/12
33WCP-110353'44.1687°N / 114.6578°W8/4/07
34Grand Finale Peak10340'43.9561°N / 114.5947°W10/17/15
35CROESUS PEAK10322'43.9951°N / 114.6603°W10/14/06
36BLACKMON PEAK10307'44.0582°N / 114.6524°W8/4/05
37East Germania #310300'43.9762°N / 114.5421°W9/1/14
38Hatchet Peak10298'44.0642°N / 114.5717°W8/14/10
39WCP-210271'44.1586°N / 114.6765°W8/4/07
40WCP-610256'44.1305°N / 114.6478°W8/5/07
41Iron Basin Point10182'44.1122°N / 114.6583°W8/17/09
42Pole Creek Peak #110181'43.9742°N / 114.7123°W11/6/10
43Six Lakes Peak10179'44.0283°N / 114.6677°W10/16/15
44Pole Creek Peak #3 (Kelmer)10166'43.9459°N / 114.7051°W11/6/10
45West Strawberry Peak10132'44.0853°N / 114.6742°W6/26/15
46Champion Peak10121'44.0004°N / 114.6982°W10/10/14
47Strawberry Point10111'44.0763°N / 114.6529°W6/26/15
48Jack Chamberlain Peak10108'44.0076°N / 114.5796°W8/24/13
49East Germania #410100'43.9641°N / 114.5577°W9/1/14
50South Six Lakes Peak10099'44.0224°N / 114.6668°W10/13/23
51Pole Creek Peak #210041'43.9562°N / 114.7071°W11/6/10
52MacRae Peak10020'43.9484°N / 114.6186°W9/9/12
53Grand Prize Peak9988'43.9451°N / 114.6672°W9/14/19
54East Chamberlain Peak9980'44.0081°N / 114.5622°W8/24/13
55Little Strawberry Peak9958'44.0931°N / 114.6814°W6/26/15
56LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN9954'44.1927°N / 114.7589°W10/10/11
57Mount Ernie Day9942'44.0466°N / 114.5439°W8/15/10
58South Horton9928'43.9536°N / 114.7469°W10/9/20
59BIBLE BACK MOUNTAIN9928'43.9977°N / 114.6376°W10/14/06
60ROBINSON BAR PEAK9900'44.2052°N / 114.7411°W10/10/11
61HORTON PEAK9896'43.9657°N / 114.7484°W8/26/06
62North Horton9868'43.9715°N / 114.7412°W10/9/20
63PROSPECT POINT9867'44.2198°N / 114.7558°W9/17/16
64Last Chance Peak9820'44.1882°N / 114.6557°W8/12/17
65Big Fisher Creek Peak9820'44.0611°N / 114.7198°W10/16/21
66Wilderness Peak9803'44.1723°N / 114.6735°W10/1/18
67Casino Peak9780'44.1627°N / 114.8178°W3/14/09
68Rough Peak9654'44.1802°N / 114.8084°W10/10/11
69Consolation Peak9627'43.9595°N / 114.6651°W9/14/19
70East Prospect Point9602'44.2274°N / 114.7335°W9/17/16
71Garland Peak9401'44.1579°N / 114.7741°W 
72POTAMAN PEAK9376'44.2205°N / 114.3966°W 
73Silver Rule Peak9300'44.1697°N / 114.5525°W 
74PIGTAIL PEAK9291'44.1167°N / 114.7893°W1/22/22
75Red Top Peak9274'43.9969°N / 114.7459°W10/9/20
76East Germania #19220'43.9999°N / 114.5108°W9/1/14
77Gold Creek Peak9001'44.1305°N / 114.8089°W 
78Beaver Creek Peak8829'44.2237°N / 114.6304°W8/12/17
79Pistol Creek East8778'44.1844°N / 114.4867°W 
80Treon Peak8555'44.2244°N / 114.6625°W8/12/17
81East Fisher Creek Peak8533'44.0801°N / 114.7581°W10/16/21
82West Fisher Creek Peak8485'44.0751°N / 114.7893°W10/16/21
83Snake Ridge8482'44.1899°N / 114.3426°W 
84Dry Gulch8283'44.1489°N / 114.4272°W 
85Little Casino South8260'44.1901°N / 114.8672°W 
86Pass Creek Peak7900'44.0466°N / 114.7729°W10/16/15
87French Creek South7780'44.2248°N / 114.4955°W 
88Little Casino North7740'44.2131°N / 114.8808°W 
89Pole Creek Point7620'43.9054°N / 114.7709°W 
90Obsidian Point7392'44.0823°N / 114.8419°W1/22/22
91Spring Gulch Mountain7390'44.2428°N / 114.4894°W 
92Holman Creek7382'44.2299°N / 114.5441°W 
93Germania Point7340'44.0221°N / 114.5028°W 
94Mountain Meadow Creek7214'44.0409°N / 114.4704°W 
95Spud Creek Peak6380'44.2452°N / 114.3247°W10/13/23
  1. Click on the date of the climb for a trip report and photos.
  2. Check out this map on List of John of the 50 peaks over 10k elevation.
  3. Lat/Lon coordinates are linked to a Lists of John map of the peak's location.
  4. Peaks shown in italics do not meet the 300’prominence rule, but are still considered “peaks” by most because of their aesthetic qualities.

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