Other Idaho Outings

This is a chronological list of hikes I've taken in "other areas" of Idaho. Lot's of great destinations sprinkled across the state. Click on a description link for photos and a trip report.

Date Description Area Trailhead Distance Duration
11/5/2016 Cuddy Mountain Cuddy Mountains East Brownlee Creek 10 Day
11/8/2015 Tripod Peak West Mountains Blue Lake 7 Day
5/30/2015 Sturgill Peak Hitt Mountains Tool Cache 4 Day
11/8/2014 No Business Mountain West Mountains No Business Saddle 4 Day
9/14/2014 Seven Devils Traverse Seven Devils Seven Devils CG 7 Day
9/12/2013 Fenn Mountain Selway Crags Big Fog Saddle 13 Day
3/20/2012 Packer Butte Bennett Hills Cat Creek Road 2 Day
9/23/2011 Moscow Mountain Palouse Moscow Mountain 2 Day
12/6/2010 Collier Peak & Snowbank Mountain West Mountains Willow Creek 10 Day
1/2/2010 Mount Harrison Albion Range Pomerelle Ski Area 9 Day
7/3/2009 Council Mountain West Mountains Granite Creek 13 Day
10/1/2005 Pollock Mountain Seven Devils Chokecherry Flat 6 Day
5/25/2001 Elk Creek Falls Clearwater NF Falls Rec Area 2 Day
8/4/2000 Sheep Lake Seven Devils Windy Saddle 12 1 night
8/1/1997 Dog-Baldy-Sheep Lake Loop Seven Devils Windy Saddle 39 3 nights

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