Owyhee Mountains

This is of the hikes I've taken in the Owyhee Mountains of south western Idaho. A couple of these are out in the Snake River Plain but the Owyhee's are the closest mountains.  Click on a description link for photos and a trip report.

Date Description Area Trailhead Distance Duration
3/17/2019 Reynolds Peak Owyhees Reynolds Crest 5 Day
11/24/2018 Big Foot Butte Owyhees South Side 3 Day
11/12/2018 Hayden Peak Loop Owyhees Scotch Bob Saddle 15 Day
5/27/2017 Bald Mountain Owyhees Bald Mountain 2 Day
5/8/2017 Quicksilver Mountain Owyhees Toy Pass 13 Day
3/31/2017 Cinder Cone Butte Owyhees Cinder Cone Butte 2 Day
3/19/2016 Bruneau Sand Dunes - Big Dune Owyhees Big Dune 2 Day
4/16/2014 Juniper Gulch (Leslie Gulch) Owyhees Juniper Gulch 3 Day
12/27/2013 Sinker Butte Owyhees Swan Falls Dam 5 Day
4/26/2013 Wilson Peak and Soldier Cap Owyhees Race Horse Ridge 6 Day
3/10/2013 Kuna Butte Owyhees Forrey Road 2 Day
11/23/2012 Guffey Butte Owyhees Celebration Park 3 Day
11/3/2012 Buck Mountain Owyhees Shares Basin 2 Day
4/25/2009 The Tules - EF Owyhee River Owyhees Garat Crossing 10 Day
3/28/2009 Guffey Butte Owyhees Celebration Park 2 Day

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