Boise Mountains

This is a list of the hikes I've taken in the Boise Mountains of southwest Idaho. The area offers quite a bit of variety, and I hike here often since its close to home. Click on a description link for photos and/or a trip report.

9/10/2022Stack RockBoise MountainsLower Stack Rock11Day
1/1/2022Mineral MountainBoise MountainsAlder Creek Summit10Day
7/10/2021Thorn Creek ButteBoise MountainsBald Mountain Campground3Day
4/23/2021Lucky PeakBoise MountainsAdelmann Mine7Day
1/1/2021South Hawley MountainBoise MountainsHarris Creek Summit10Day
12/28/2020Shafer Creek PointBoise MountainsShafer Creek Road3Day
8/29/2020Rabbit PeakBoise MountainsN Fork Rabbit Creek7Day
10/12/2019Wilson PeakBoise MountainsFS Trail 6908Day
1/1/2019Thorn PeakBoise MountainsThorn Creek5Day
12/29/2018Gallagher PeakBoise MountainsLittle Gallagher Creek6Day
11/3/2018Hoodoo PeakBoise MountainsRabbit Creek Summit3Day
5/29/2017Daggett PointsBoise MountainsClear Creek Summit8Day
4/9/2017Macks PeakBoise MountainsMacks Creek Park4Day
6/21/2015Shafer ButteBoise MountainsPioneer Lodge3Day
4/19/2015Currant PeakBoise MountainsUpper Daniels Creek6Day
1/1/2015Bald MountainBoise MountainsStation Creek7Day
2/19/2014Cottonwood PeaksBoise MountainsLambing Creek11Day
1/1/2014Stargaze PointBoise MountainsBeaver Cr Summit3Day
1/1/2014Pilot PeakBoise MountainsMores Cr Summit5Day
6/16/2013Gardiner PeakBoise MountainsPeace Sign Rock5Day
11/12/2012Goat Mountain ComplexBoise MountainsSilver Creek Saddle8Day
8/17/2012Curtis Lake & Alpine MountainBoise MountainsOro Mountain61 night
6/17/2012Aldape PeakBoise MountainsAldape Summit3Day
4/28/2012Stewart PointBoise MountainsBogus Basin Road1Day
12/31/2011Cervidae PeakBoise MountainsSoutheast Ridge4Day
6/19/2011Highland PeakBoise MountainsHilltop2Day
5/29/2010Grape MountainBoise MountainsElk Creek Pass7Day
9/7/2009Shephard Peak & Silver MountainBoise MountainsSilver Creek Saddle5Day
9/7/2009Wolf MountainBoise MountainsEast Ridge7Day
5/1/2009Krall MountainBoise MountainsSouth Fork5Day
1/3/2009Warm Springs PointBoise MountainsRocky Gulch7Day
12/6/2008Upper Daggett PointBoise MountainsClear Creek Summit2Day
10/3/2008Mores MountaInBoise MountainsShafer Butte Picnic Area2Day
8/9/2008Rainbow BasinBoise MountainsBig Trinity Lake61 night
6/14/2008Mount HeinenBoise MountainsIrish Creek10Day
6/25/2007Boise PeakBoise MountainsCrooked Summit8Day
2/25/2007Freeman PeakBoise MountainsNear Mores Cr Summit8Day
11/25/2006Packer John MountainBoise MountainsHanging Bridge7Day
5/9/2006Lucky PeakBoise MountainsAdelmann Mine9Day
4/7/2006Cervidae PeakBoise MountainsMores Cr Bridge5Day
1/2/2006Sunset MountainBoise MountainsMores Cr Summit10Day
8/1/1992Smiths Creek LakeBoise MountainsSheep Creek322 nights

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