New Mexico & Texas Peak Bagging
We headed south to remedy some spring fever, another great trip designed by Michael.
April 11-15, 2019

Michael and Scott had been planning this trip for a while, but I was a late edition. After a long Idaho winter, we were craving warmer weather and some snow-free mountain climbing. What ensued was a 5 day peak bagging adventure with plenty of variety. Five outings in five days kept us busy, and we saw some really cool terrain. I managed to summit a total of 13 mountains, over the course of 52 miles hiked, and 16,700 feet of elevation gain. [Click the peak name below for details on each climb.] 

Sandia Crest Sandia Crest
Elevation: 10,678'
Range: Sandia Mountains
The Sandia Mountains are located east of Albuquerque New Mexico. The range resembles a long ridge, with the highest point located at Sandia Crest (elevation 10,678’). The summit views are impressive. It’s possible to drive near the summit, or there are numerous trails that provide access to the area.
Guadalupe Peak Sunrise Guadalupe Peak Loop
Elevation: 8,749'
Range: Guadalupe Mountains
Guadalupe Peak is the highest mountain in Texas and is one of the highlights of Guadalupe Mountains National Park in west Texas. It is a popular hike with a well maintained hiking trail leading to the summit. For those seeking adventure, it is possible to continue cross country from Guadalupe Peak and make a long loop hike connecting five of the six tallest mountains in Texas.
Mount Livermore Mount Livermore
Elevation: 8,378'
Range: Davis Mountains
Mount Livermore is the tallest peak in the Davis Mountains of west Texas. The Davis Mountains form a “sky island” rising up above the surrounding Chihuahuan desert. The area is scenic and diverse, thanks to cooler and wetter conditions than the surroundings. Like much of Texas, it was once private land. But The Nature Conservancy acquired the land in order to preserve it. They make it open for the public to explore a few weekends each year.
Big Bend South Rim Emory Peak
Elevation: 7,825'
Range: Chisos Mountains
Big Bend National Park is located in the southwest corner of Texas, just across the Rio Grande River from Mexico. The park is massive and very scenic. But it is remote enough that it sees relatively few visitors (by national park standards). The highest mountain in the park, and the Chisos Mountain Range, is Emory Peak. Emory makes for a great hike on its own, or the route can also be extended to an amazing loop including spectacular views from the south rim overlook.
Climbing Mount Taylor Mount Taylor
Elevation: 11,301'
Range: San Mateo Mountains
Mount Taylor is located in northwest New Mexico, west of Albuquerque. It is an extinct volcano and the highpoint of the North San Mateo Mountains. It rises out of the surrounding desert terrain to an elevation of 11,301’, and boasts over 4000’ of prominence. Needless to say the summit views are outstanding.

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