Snow Climbing

Snow climbing is generally done in spring and early summer. Many peaks in Idaho are covered with an abundance of loose and tedious rock. If you climb those peaks when covered in snow, it can take considerably less effort. That being said, snow climbing should not be attempted with out knowledge of proper footwork while wearing crampons, and how to use an ice axe for self arrest. It is also vital that you know how to interpret avalanche conditions. If you have any doubts whatsoever, then stay home. Below is a list of snow climbs I’ve done. Click on any of the description links for a trip report and photos.

Date Description Area Trailhead Distance Duration
6/13/2020 Mount Gilbert Ruby Mountains Camp Lamoille 9 Day
5/11/2019 Mount Breitenbach Lost Rivers Pete Creek 8 Day
3/29/2019 Mount Saint Helens Cascades Marble Mountain 11 Day
4/22/2017 Williams Peak Lost Rivers North Jones Creek 5 Day
6/29/2014 Mount Rainier Cascades Paradise 15 1 night
5/16/2013 Perkins Peak Boulders NF Big Lost River 10 Day
5/18/2012 Mount Corruption Lost Rivers EF Pahsimeroi River 4 Day
6/25/2011 Cobb Peak Pioneers Hyndman Creek 10 Day
5/19/2011 Lorenzo Peak Boulders Billy's Bridge 7 Day
7/03/2010 Castle Peak White Clouds 4th July 12 1 night
5/15/2010 Horseshoe Mountain Lost Rivers Doublespring Road 6 Day
11/6/2009 Bad Rock Peak Lost Rivers Upper Sawmill Gulch 7 Day
5/17/2009 Bell Mountain Lemhi Range Basinger Canyon 6 Day
6/8/2008 McIntyre & Jacqueline Peaks Pioneers Near PK Pass 5 Day
3/9/2008 Galena Peak Boulders Senate Creek 7 Day
6/9/2007 Old Hyndman Peak Pioneers Hyndman Creek 14 Day
4/28/2007 Mount McCaleb Lost Rivers 4WD Road 5 Day
3/24/2007 Easley Peak & Cerro Ciento Boulders Owl Creek 8 Day
6/20/2006 Mount Breitenbach Lost Rivers Pete Creek 8 Day
6/4/2006 Lost River Peak Lost Rivers LRP TH 5 Day

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