The term “scrambling” implies that you have to use your hands in order to reach your destination. Below is a list of scrambles I’ve done. Included are Class 2+ (hands used for balance), Class 3 (hands used for climbing, minimal exposure to falling), Class 3+ (hands used for climbing, some exposure to falling that could really mess you up), and Class 4 (hands used for climbing, some exposure to falling that would likely kill you). See my Peak List for class ratings of each peak. Click on any of the description links for a trip report and photos.

Date Description Area Trailhead Distance Duration
7/5/2021 Snowdon Rock Lick Creek Jumbo Creek 2 Day
6/12/2021 Duncan Peak Pioneers Hyndman Creek 12 Day
3/28/2021 Jackass Butte Owyhees Jackass Butte 3 Day
10/17/2020 Amber Peak & Basils Peak Boulders North Fork Wood River 13 Day
6/13/2020 Mount Gilbert Ruby Mountains Camp Lamoille 9 Day
5/2/2020 Sheephead Peak & Invisible Mountain Lost Rivers Swauger Gulch 9 Day
4/11/2020 Shares Snout Owyhees Coyote Grade Road 2 Day
11/23/2019 Window Peak Boulders North Fork Wood River 10 Day
9/27/2019 Perfect Peak Sawtooths Alpine Creek 10 Day
9/14/2019 Grand Prize Peaks White Clouds Grand Prize Canyon 6 Day
9/13/2019 Mount Greylock Six Pack Salmon River Estes Mountain 11 Day
8/19/2019 Bighorn Crags Salmon River Crags CG 36 3 nights
8/12/2019 Bear Valley Lakes - Lemhi 10ers Lemhi Range Bear Valley Creek 24 1 night
8/11/2019 Cleft Peak Lost Rivers Dry Creek 15 Day
8/10/2019 Ferguson Peak Lost Rivers Long Lost Creek 11 Day
4/12/2019 Guadalupe Peak Loop Guadalupe Mountains Pine Springs 17 Day
9/12/2018 Andromeda Peak Pioneers Fall Creek 18 1 night
9/11/2018 Rearing Stallion Peak Pioneers Wildhorse Canyon 7 Day
8/7/2018 Crazy Peak Crazy Mountains Southeast Ridge 9 Day
8/4/2018 Hilgard Peak Madison Range W Fork Beaver Creek 18 1 night
2/10/2018 McGowan Peak Lost Rivers South of McGowan Cr 5 Day
11/28/2017 Snowslide Peak Lick Creek Golden Lake 5 Day
8/26/2017 Gabriels Horn Pioneers Wildhorse Canyon 5 Day
8/24/2016 Williamson & Tyndall Sierra Nevada Shepherd Pass 39 4 nights
3/15/2016 Kraft Mtn & New Peak Red Rocks (NV) Calico Basin 4 Day
3/13/2016 Bridge Mountain Red Rocks (NV) Lovell Canyon Jeep Road 11 Day
10/17/2015 Grand Finale Peak White Clouds Three Cabins 14 Day
10/16/2015 Six Lakes Peak White Clouds 4th July 4 Day
9/12/2015 Granite Peak (MT) Beartooth Wilderness Upper Lady of the Lake 28 2 nights
8/13/2015 Mount Temple Banff NP Moraine Lake 12 Day
5/2/2015 Bear Mountain Loop Lemhi Range Summerhouse Canyon 6 Day
5/1/2015 Big Boy & Shoshone John Peaks Lemhi Range Bunting Canyon 10 Day
8/24/2014 Thompson Peak (Mickey's & Anna's) Sawtooths Fishhook Creek 14 Day
7/25/2014 Far Away Mountain Lost Rivers Upper Cedar Creek 11 Day
4/27/2014 Buttercup Mountain Smoky Mountains Cherry Creek 9 Day
4/26/2014 Sonoma Peak Sonoma Range Pole Creek 9 Day
10/18/2013 Abel Peak Pioneers Kane Lake 11 Day
8/24/2013 Chamberlain Peaks White Clouds Three Cabins 15 Day
6/28/2013 Patterson Frank Blackmon Loop White Clouds 4th July 12 Day
10/9/2012 Goat Mountain Pioneers Hyndman Creek 15 Day
12/6/2011 Dickey Peak Lost Rivers Poison Spring 6 Day
8/24/2011 Clyde Minaret Minarets Devils Postpile 21 1 night
8/23/2011 Russell to Whitney Traverse Sierra Nevada Whitney Portal 17 Day
7/9/2011 Pegasus Peak Pioneers Fall Creek 15 Day
10/6/2010 Mount Regan & Alpine Peak Sawtooths Iron Creek 17 Day
9/17/2010 Kent Peak Boulders North Fork Wood River 11 Day
10/10/2009 Al West Peak Lost Rivers Rock Creek 8 Day
9/7/2009 Wolf Mountain Boise Mountains East Ridge 7 Day
5/29/2009 Devils Bedstead West Pioneers Trail Creek Summit 13 Day
11/8/2008 White Cap Peak Lost Rivers Sawmill Gulch 7 Day
9/6/2008 Mount Idaho Lost Rivers Elkhorn Creek 8 Day
8/22/2008 Tin Cup Lake & WCP-10 White Clouds Railroad Ridge 5 Day
9/21/2007 Hyndman Peak Pioneers Hyndman Creek 13 Day
8/29/2007 Lonesome Peak White Clouds 4th July 11 Day
5/20/2007 Leatherman Peak Lost Rivers Sawmill Gulch 12 Day
10/14/2006 Washington Basin Peaks White Clouds 4th July 11 Day
9/9/2006 Wet Peak Traverse Lost Rivers Wet Creek 13 Day
7/7/2006 Diamond Peak Lemhi Range East Ridge 6 Day
10/22/2005 Big Basin Peak Pioneers E. Fk Big Wood River 8 Day
9/17/2005 Devils Bedstead East Pioneers Boulder Lake 10 Day
8/27/2005 McGown Peak Sawtooths Stanley Lake 12 Day
8/6/1994 Mount Borah Lost Rivers Borah 7 Day
8/10/1991 Mount Borah Lost Rivers Borah 7 Day
8/11/1990 Mount Borah Lost Rivers Borah 7 Day

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